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As part of our on-going work supporting the 2022 London Film Festival at the BFI, we were asked to create a punchy, tantilising trailer to whet people’s appetites ahead of the event. Our task was to summarize the key films of the festival, show diversity, culture, the variety of films and most importantly to entertain – a true pleasure for our team of film fanatics and creatives. We treated this like a movie trailer with step changes in its pacing, layered sound design, and carefully curated image choices. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Watch it here:

Programme Launch Film

With a vision to provide the BFI team with something extra special, the Wonderhatch team wanted to focus on really exciting our audience, with the aim of having a huge amount of public engagement to get everyone talking about the incredible festival lineup for this year. As we’re a team of filmmakers and film fanatics, our hearts were beating extra hard with excitement at the prospect of tackling this task, one would keep us on our toes both creatively and logistically.

Our secret for this creative was to imagine ourselves, sitting there on the edge of our seats, watching the reveal after waiting a whole year for it. Seeing all these amazing films from around the world is an exciting moment for all film lovers, which is why we opened the big launch film with a homage to the magic of cinema. Dynamically scripted interviews with the CEO of the BFI, as well as his whole festival programming team. formed the foundation of the film, as well as carefully produced sizzle reels that summarised each festival category’s line-up. The films produced were pulled from multiple sources of assets, and were created using a combination of footage, shot by us, supplied footage and stills, and static, branded assets which required animating.

Awards Ceremony Presentation Film

Wonderhatch produced the pre-recorded awards ceremony for the closing night of the London Film Festival. Filmed at the BFI screening rooms, the team captured the programme directors -after their final deliberation, announcing the winners of the LFF.

Editing together a full 40-minute awards ceremony video, with highlights from this year’s festival showcasing the films and talent that attended. Wonderhatch aimed to capture and showcase the magic of cinema and the atmosphere of the LFF for 2022.

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