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Did you know that Saint Lucia was known by both the Arakwana and Carrib peoples as ‘the land of Iguanas’, more than 1500 years ago? As the story goes, the island received its present name after three French sailors survived their shipwreck on the feast of day Saint Lucy of Syracuse, however, there is a map in the Vatican archives with the island placed on it by the name of ‘Sancta Lucia’ in the year 1520, indicating it was named by Spanish Explorers, possibly after the voyages of Christopher Colombus into the Caribbean.

Either way, explorers have travelled to visit Saint Lucia for centuries, and it is not hard to see why – but, as usual, we had a job to do and were not (unfortunately) here for a bit of R&R!

Our work with the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority focussed on bringing visitors to the island from all over the world for any occasion. The Caribbean has an incredible range of bio-diverse nations to visit, but Saint Lucia, had so much more to offer than we could have ever comprehended.

From steaming natural mountain mud baths, to coral reefs, rainforests filled with fascinating flora and fauna, and an island culture which is ripe with life, filled with soul, and incredibly welcoming to all who visit  Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia is an incredible destination for travel with family, and friends (and yes, for work!) and we could not be more grateful for the chance to capture all the wonder of this beautiful island. See our work in the gallery and visit Saint Lucia Tourism Authority’s official website for more.


Crew List

Photographer: Ollie Jones

Director/DOP: Patrick Gather

Creative: Avenue Agency (Adrian Dews & Alex Dandeker)

Styling (prep): Nina Thompson

Account Director/On-site Producer: Gigi Riddle

Producer: Chris Hill




Linda Dorup-Andrew + children

Brian Charles

Shanii Masmain

Louise Victor

Daniela Marin

Oliver Fernandez

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