DCM – Aviva Goldspot for Cineworld


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Sometimes, we all need a little bit of silence.

This project with DCM represents a new step for us as a company. We have always operated as a production company, overseeing shoots from planning and pre-production, throughout filming and into post-production, producing the finished product for our clients.

With this latest ad for Aviva, as they join the list of iconic in-cinema ads to turn off your mobile phone in the audience at Cineworld, our contribution to the project has come in the post-production phase, as we took on editorial duties and over-saw the final product.

This project, has encouraged us to develop the services we offer further, opening us up to work more on post-production projects in the future. Just as cinema ads are evolving, we are evolving with our work and the new methods and technologies we bring on board to expedite the production process and deliver work to clients faster than before, without sacrificing quality.

It’s great to continue collaborating with leading industry figures like DCM and taking on new projects where we’re asked to channel our focus into one particular area of the creative process.


Crew List

Toby Eva – Account Director

Joseph Boyle – Editor

Penny Harrison- Producer

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