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Why Every Freelancer Should Use Behance

  • wonderhatch
  • Jan 25, 2022

While most freelance photographers and cinematographers are familiar with the power of Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, there’s a lesser known kid on the block that’s changing the game. Introducing Behance, an online platform where creatives can showcase their work, and where companies can window shop for talent.

If you’re not familiar with Behance already, the platform gives a peak behind the curtain, showing the creative process that goes on in both pre- and post-production. Here’s an example of the re-touching work we’ve uploaded as a BTS for our Fordswitch campaign:

While it’s been around since 2006, the onset of the pandemic has put a spotlight on the site, and has become just as important as CV websites and LinkedIn profiles when it comes to agencies finding freelancers to collaborate with.

Here at Wonderhatch, we’re excited to have launched our Behance profile – you can check it out here.

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