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What do we want to see at MIPIM 2024?

  • wonderhatch
  • Mar 05, 2024

In a word: people.

No industry understands the art of collaboration better than the property sector. It takes huge effort and planning to get projects moving. Then it takes a tonne of people and resources to actually build the thing. Finally, it takes a real splash of magic and creativity to market the final product.

Which is typically where Wonderhatch comes in.

As creative partners within the property sector, Wonderhatch works with commercial and residential organisations to produce sharp, dynamic and engaging content – helping tell the stories behind our clients’ businesses and projects.

Compared to the rest of property construction, creativity comes in relatively cheap. But that doesn’t make it any less essential to a project’s success. Real creativity supercharges value. According to research from Nielsen (who know a thing or two) creativity provides 47% of the total sales impact in marketing – more than reach, brand, targeting, recency and context – although context and creative are inextricably linked when creating effective content.

With construction, the physical building is only half the job. The other half is in building the story. And behind every single story are great people.

At MIPIM 2024, it is these people that will be the priority for Wonderhatch. Not just in terms of us meeting them (which, of course, is a key reason for coming!), but in hopefully seeing that businesses are putting people at the very heart of their own stories, including within their positioning and marketing.

Zigs and Zags

Any industry the size of property and real estate will always have its set codes and conventions. There are a lot of unwritten rules which shape how businesses will generally communicate in this sector. But there isn’t always safety in this ‘sameness’. Knowing the rules is good. But knowing how to break the rules is better. And more fun.

At Wonderhatch we work with a number of clients in the property sector, including the likes of Knight Frank, Qatari Diar, Hyatt, Caudwell and SRM. But the scope of our work goes far beyond this space. We also work across the Consumer, Travel & Hospitality, Agency and Luxury sectors, with a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from Johnson & Johnson to NBC, Spotify to Accor, Caffè Nero to Huel. And who can forget Spam?

So, whilst we do bring real pedigree in this space and know the property sector and its rules, we also see and understand trends which are shaping the other sectors we work in. We then use this outside knowledge to our clients’ advantage – bringing learnings, ideas and inspiration from other sectors into the world of property ensures we can bring a fresh perspective each and every time.

It is all about creative disruption – when others Zig, you should Zag.

Movement matters

Property film assets can traditionally be slow moving. So when we created our film for Almacantar’s amazing development, The Bryanston, we chose instead to showcase these wonderful spaces through dynamic movement by working with Arri’s state of the art Trinity camera stabilisation system. Combining these shots with carefully curated match cuts resulted in a truly vibrant and cinematic film that is effective in making the audience feel as though they’re moving through the space fluidly, rather than in a more traditional way, as is often the norm in this sector.

Showcasing the space in this fashion allowed us to focus on a central subject. In this instance, we’ve celebrated residents living their lives and having fun at The Bryanston, with loads of colour and movement – it’s a film about people, joy and authentic living, whilst successfully showcasing the wonder of the physical spaces and rooms that we’re moving through. The use of clever match cuts further enables this flow, all whilst moving our audience between the different spaces and attention points. It really works.

We’ll be demonstrating our unique approach to creating for the property sector at MIPIM 2024 itself.

Keep an eye out for our work for Knight Frank if you are there, which you will see on their activation on La Croisette. Our brief was to communicate the great work KF is doing, but in a truly attention grabbing way. Hoping we can successfully grab yours – see you there!

Marc Webbon – Co-Founder – Wonderhatch
Penny Harrison – Head of Production – Wonderhatch

Did this article spark any questions? Ideas? Let us know. Or if you want to chat or catch up with the Wonderhatch team at MIPIM 2024, get in touch with us at marc@wonderhatch.co.uk; penny@wonderhatch.co.uk.