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  • wonderhatch
  • Oct 09, 2019

Get Outta Town! Our Top Pick of H-H-Hot Hotel Promotional Videos

In the world of hotel marketing, promotional videos are becoming increasingly important.

No, scrap that – they are a must!

High-quality hotel videos are essential for competing in the global marketplace. They give prospects the chance to “see it to believe it”, and an opportunity to grasp the true essence of your hotel in an original, iconic and creative way.

If you don’t have a promotional video for your hotel, get one. If you do, ask yourself: Is it good enough?

Or should I say: Is it as good as these?

In no particular order…

The Hottest Hotel Promotional Videos That Will Have You on the Next Flight Out of Town

The Venetian Resort

Quirky, extravagant, experimental. Could it be any more Vegas?

No. It literally couldn’t.

This totally unique, niche concept has all the Vegas vibes. Full of interesting camera tricks, top technical ideas and a lively pace on the double, it’s impossible for the audience to get bored.

The Savoy Stays With You

It really does.

However wacky you want your hotel promotional video to be, it has to be on-brand. And for the Savoy, that meant creating something classic, historic and legendary.

The Savoy isn’t a “one-off”. It’s something that passes down through generations. A home away from home.

This promotional video production goes to show that hitting the quieter, more thoughtful notes of nostalgia can be just as powerful.

Welcome to The Wonderful World of Belmond

“What do you like about this promotional video?”

How long have you got?

Full-on Wes Anderson Grand Budapest Hotelstyle, it’s casting and comedy timing is spot on.

It starts with a clever comment about standard “fly-through” hotel videos and then says: Actually, you can do this differently, both as a hotel and as a film.

It’s light and upbeat, with characters looking directly at the camera, holding your gaze.

Well, you got my attention!

The hotel staff aren’t just at your service, they’re your friend, accommodating every quirky request you might have. They’re given key, centre-stage roles, in comparison to many hotel promotional videos that have staff distant and bowing in the background.

The human element of this video makes it look like a hotel I could easily feel at home in.

RITZ Paris – Behind the door

So, here’s an example of what you can achieve with a total blow-out production budget.

It’s got opening credits, a famous director, class production design and lighting. I mean, it’s mega. And unusual for a hotel promotional video to feel so cinematic.

The casting is, once again, tip-top. The hotel staff are front and centre with a knowing smile and very much in on the stunt.

The brand was brave enough to include surreal elements. And rightly so. The hidden door and dreamlike qualities create a convincing magic gateway to an otherworldly hotel experience.

You might argue that while the concept of a man looking for a woman is clear and effective, it might not be all that interesting. Do we really care if he finds her? What are the stakes?

Marriott – Two Bellmen


Another huge production budget and unique concept. I’ve personally never seen a hotel promotional video with such a detailed narrative, let alone one about a heist.

There are certainly moments that stand out. The dance routine to Bill Withers is pretty neat and had me tapping my feet to the beat. But these priceless moments get a bit lost on the way. If I were to have my two cents, I’d have cut it down from 17 to 10 minutes and made it more cinematic throughout.

African Inspiration Hotels – The Cederberg Ridge Wilderness Lodge Experience & The Simbavati Experience

Moving onto the lifestyle category of hotel promotional video production, I presenteth two adventurous pieces with varying tones to represent the different areas in Africa.

Look up book covers about Africa and you’ll always see the same thing: an orange sunset and an elephant. Ah, western misconceptions…

We sought out to capture the rich, versatile textures of each location. The variety of activities, hotel amenities, and exploration opportunities they present.

These hotel videos go to show that a small budget, an interesting approach to editing, and a dedicated crew can make an engaging, mouth-watering watch.

Mandarin Oriental – I’m a Fan

While I’m not the biggest “fan” of this campaign, it’s a good example of how you can use celebrity endorsements in your hotel promotional video.

It’s a very simple, non-concept piece, indicating that all the budget was blown on the celebrity. Fair enough, but I would have preferred to see more of the hotel and less random slow-mo shots of him.

You’re probably wondering why I even included this hotel video. Well, I wanted to compare it to…

Palms: Unstatus Quo

Did anybody say “disruption”?

This hotel promotional video sure as humous did.

The only way to cut through the noise in advertising is to not play the rules. And this hotel promotional video did exactly that.

It’s completely outrageous, over-the-top, and unrealistic. And that’s what makes it so friggin’ good.

It shows what you can achieve with celebrity endorsement AND astronomical production values. Like the former, there is no actual story, but it doesn’t need one.

This wacko representation of the Las Vegas lifestyle has stirred something in me. I had never particularly wanted to go before. Now I do.

Marriott – See Beyond

This hotel promotional video is, for me, the ultimate example of perfect simplicity.

A simple concept backed with super-strong visuals. Differing storylines maintain the pace and keep it versatile. A velvety voiceover and melody play on your heartstrings and call you to your nearest travel agent.

But my favourite thing about this promotional video is that it is not a vanity piece. The hotel has consciously taken a backseat, positioning themselves as a vehicle for travel, rather than the end goal. And that, my friends, is why we travel.


Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal, Paris

This hotel promotional video lands in the “fly-through” category. But with a twist.

The quirky music and contemporary dance element make this simple production engaging enough to watch until its end, somewhat involuntarily seeing the hotel as a result.

A fine example of how to showcase the spaces of your hotel in a clever way and on a lower budget.

This is Smarthotel

Another hotel promotional video combining simple production values with a “smart” concept.

While you don’t get an impression of the hotel at all, the behind-the-scenes concept is fun and enough to make you remember.

You’ll likely be looking it up to find out how it compares with other budget hotels. I know I did.

Or else you’ll be wondering how to get your hands on an equally bangin’, budget hotel video.

Hotel Promotional Video Tips

Simon John Owen / Wonderhatch for Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard

Before you get too excited about your new iPhone 11, please, don’t try this at home / hotel.

Whatever your budget, capturing the essence of your hotel in a way that will speak to your target market is a job for the professionals.

Make getting in touch with a hotel promotional video production company the first thing you do.