It all began around 2002 in downtown Notting Hill Gate with a little company called Red Snappers. Originally a tech come photo marketing agency, our creative and digital DNA helped us grow and adapt to the seismic changes in the content arena. Since then we have grown in many ways while our work ethos and core purpose has always remained the same: to tell the right story.

Wonderhatch creates inspiring content that works.

We focus on producing the very best photography, video & film for our clients across Rights Holders and Consumer Luxury Brands, Professional Services, Hospitality, Property and the Automotive Industry.

We bring years of specialist experience to bear, previously operating under the guise of Red Photographic Ltd on the photography side and New Art Productions on the film. We acquired SilverHub’s assignment business in April 2018, adding the likes of The FA, Rolex and The Jockey Club to our client list.

Full of fresh ideas and great talent, our team, led by Simon Owen, Pat Gather and Marc Webbon, now consults with some of the world’s greatest brands, advising on how best to produce and use visual content across marketing, advertising, social media and PR strategies.


 Meet the Team

The core team at Wonderhatch are an assortment of talents emanating from diverse locations including the UK, Australasia, Germany, Mexico and The Emerald Isle. The wider team consists of over 100 freelancers, including photographers, film makers, editors, producers, creative directors and motion graphic designers.

Simon John Owen

Simon John Owen - Co-Founder

Co-Founder and Senior Photographer, Simon maintains the quality and creativity that Wonderhatch represents. For over 15 years, Simon’s award-winning track record has provided a trusted photographic lead for our client’s campaigns. He also helps find and train our photographers to ensure Wonderhatch's consistency and quality.

Patrick Gather

Patrick Gather - Co-Founder

A true passion for moving images and story-telling has led co-founder Patrick to explore a wide spectrum of sectors in the film and commercial industry. Working for major brands and operating globally for the past 10 years has defined his work ethic and creativity. This has enabled him to build a team of industry leading filmmakers.

Marc Webbon

Marc Webbon - Co-Founder

Marc brings his track record of developing innovative content and tech solutions to many of the world’s leading brands. Clients include The FA, the R&A, Rolex, Time Inc and The Jockey Club. His unique insight into the relationships between rights holders and their corporate and media partners ensures that Wonderhatch delivers inspiration, innovation and the highest quality content.

Will Walsh

Will Walsh - CEO

A qualified lawyer, Will set up his first business in 1999 during the heady .com days. Since then he has built and developed a number of companies from start-up to growth stage and loves doing so. Old enough to have learnt the art of the dark room and developing photos, he’s a keen amateur on the creative side.

Penny Harrison

Penny Harrison - Head of Production

Working closely with a number of our clients for many years and leading our creative teams across film and photography, Penny ensures Wonderhatch delivers our top quality service and execution. With 10 years’ experience in this industry, no project is too complex.

Justin Solomons

Justin Solomons - Sales Director

Justin’s remit is to get to know our clients’ needs in more depth, enabling Wonderhatch to provide a highly professional and bespoke service. Growing our client base, he looks at their brand together with their image and film needs to develop the best creative solution.

Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan Stewart - Photographic Director

Senior photographer Jonathan brings over 15 years of experience. Trained by legendary photographers Clive Arrowsmith and Tony Mcgee, his technical skills are key to ensure the quality of our imagery and to develop our photographic talent.

Joe Boyle

Joe Boyle - Senior Film Editor

Our in-house senior film editor Joe works across many of our film projects ensuring a fantastic execution and delivery. Pre-Wonderhatch he worked in numerous post-production houses in London’s Soho and editing of many hugely successful films and commercials.

Katie Longley

Katie Longley - Photographic Content Producer

Katie works closely with our photographers, to ensure our imagery is delivered to you at its finest. She also designs our photo magazines and other marketing collateral, creating engaging and beautiful content for us and our clients.

Lucy O’Higgins

Lucy O’Higgins - Client Relationship Manager

Lucy‘s focus is developing relationships with new and existing clients including luxury hotels, consumer brand and professional services. By understanding their visions, Lucy works to develop our creative propositions, consulting on how we can deliver their briefs and best visually tell their story.

Ossie Ikeogu

Ossie Ikeogu - Photography Assignments Director

With over 20 years experience in the photographic industry, Ossie's a remit incorporates working with celebs, brands and assignment photography. Leading on all our work for The FA, he is dedicated to managing this account, working closely with our client and large team of photographers and editors to go above and beyond.

Amber Henshaw

Amber Henshaw - Production Manager

Amber works with many of our clients and creatives to ensure we deliver on our fantastic service of producing top quality visual content. As marketing manager, she also produces our own digital content and drives Wonderhatch's marketing activity.

Irene Marco

Irene Marco - Film Producer

An award winning director and producer of short films and commericals with a passion for documentary cinema, Irene manages many of our film projects, working closely with our crews and editors to produce amazing results.

Les Hawkins

Les Hawkins - Picture Desk Manager

Working closely with our photographers and editors, Les manages the workflow and delivery of live and post event content for some of our key clients including The FA, Ogilvy and The Jockey Club.

Abigail Buck

Abigail Buck - Assistant Film Producer

Supporting Wonderhatch's busy film department, Abby works across many of our projects in the creative development and production of our client's film campaigns.