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Five films we can’t wait to watch at BFI London Film Festival

  • wonderhatch
  • Sep 15, 2022

This year, we partnered with BFI to create their Festival trailer and programme, and left us all yearning to see everything featured this year! It’s been hard, but we’ve listed our top ten faves that our team just cannot wait to see. 

Holy Spider 

Special Presentation Category – Dir. Ali Abassi

Based on the true case of the Spider Killer, Journalist Rahimi follows in the footsteps of a serial killer targeting sex workers in Iran’s holy city, Mashhad. But not all is what is seems, as the Spider Killer’s actions aren’t considered wholly wrong by all.

Gritty cinematography, a gripping story, and a powerful poster. Count us in for this thrilling retelling. 


Special Presentation Category – Dir. Nikyatu Jusu

Jusu’s debut feature about a Senegalese nanny working for a wealthy family in New York. Her connection to home and her son grow stronger as she experiences visits from gods and spirits, perhaps trying to warn her of something.

Psychological thriller with West African folklore, and frightening visuals? We’ll see you in the theatre.


LFF Awards Category  – Dir. Jlynur Pálmason 

A Danish priest is sent to a remote part of Iceland to establish a church. The journey is treacherous and documented by him along the way, guided by not too welcoming locals. As he travels the mountains and volcanoes, his once kind nature is tested. 

Soft-edged square format, muted tones, Iceland. Yes please. 

Hidden Letters 

Debate Category – Dir. Violet Du Feng & Ziao Qing 

A documentary film about Two Chinese women linked by a secret language; Nushu. A century-old script developed by women so they could communicate in secret when forbidden to read and write, to offer solidarity and community to one another. 

A beautiful story and old tradition kept alive with a powerful message. We can’t wait to see this.

The Good Nurse

Thrill Category – Dir. Tobias Lindholm

Nurse and mother Amy lives with a chronic heart condition and works tirelessly for eligibility for health insurance. Her workload is eased by a new nurse, Charles arrives. But the closer the pair get, the more Amy begins to question a surge of mysterious deaths under their care. 

Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne in a dark thriller? Yes.

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