Property Video Production; Raising the Roof in Cap d’Antibes

  • wonderhatch
  • Aug 08, 2019

If you want to learn how to sell your property, at home or abroad, I’ll tell you. And I’ll do so by showing you how we did exactly that with our property videos for Caudwell Collection.

Caudwell Collection: Parc Du Cap & Les Oliviers’ Property Video Marketing Campaign

If you’re not fantasising about your new life in Cap d’Antibes then I don’t know what you’re doing. I personally couldn’t picture a more perfect location for myself and my imaginary husband and daughter to spend our summers.

That aside, whatever property you’re trying to sell in whichever location, make sure to include our…

Top 5 Key Elements for Real Estate Video Marketing

#1 Plan Ahead

I’d love to say our property video production for Parc Du Cap & Les Oliviers was just something we threw together. Et voilà, miracles happened.

But alas, producing high-quality real estate videos for a specific market depends on pain-staking planning.

From model casting to prop sourcing, concept creating to crew building, it took hours of blood, sweat and tears/beers before our dedicated team descended on Cap d’Antibes to capture its essence in a series of moving images and stills.


#2 Get Creative

In today’s overstimulated and (let’s be honest) overworked society, there’s a growing tendency to seek distraction – an overwhelming urge to escape.

Whether it’s trotting the globe, attending immersive theatre productions or heading to your nearest VR bar, the relief folk crave from their monotonous realities comes in many forms, including advertising. People want to know they can escape with your product.

So don’t just give viewers the floor plan and a list of amenities *yawn*. Use creative real estate videos to give them a fantasy they can engage in – a dream they can believe in.

Creative property videos aim to entertain and delight. They invite viewers to escape their day-to-day. To immerse themselves in your property and the world that surrounds it.

#3 Make Your Property Videos Human

Buying a new home is a personal and emotionally involved experience. And it’s those emotions that you want to evoke in your property video marketing.

Humans relate to other humans, not properties. They act with their hearts, not their heads.

This is where storytelling comes into play. Allow me to demonstrate:

Our narrative was a simple “Day in the life” theme, capturing those unforgettable, family moments from first thing in the morning to last thing at night, both inside and outside of the apartments.

But doesn’t the chemistry between the couple just give you all the feels (even if it is sickening envy)? Doesn’t the little girl twirling and beaming about the garden make you envisage your own little one doing the same?

The answer is yes, because emotional appeal is the steadfast way to winning your buyer’s heart.

So grab a box of tissues and start working on some tear-jerking visuals for your property videos.

#4 Capture the Lifestyle and Location

Selling a property’s lifestyle and location is as important as selling the property itself.

Why? Because people aren’t just buying a house or a home. They are buying a new life 🙌.

Using a combination of ground camera work and aerial photography in our property video production for Caudwell Collection, we told buyers to expect bicycle rides along the beautiful coastal path, leisurely strolls around the cobbled streets of historic towns, and markets bursting with fresh, aromatic produce. Oh, so much produce.

But we also told them that, if all that sounds too taxing, they could always just head to the beach for a wee dip.


#5 Keep Your Property Videos Under Five Minutes

Don’t be a drag. Keep your property videos short, sweet and to the point.

DID YOU KNOW: Only 37% of viewers will watch a video until the bitter end. Fact.

Because we live in the digital age, people. It has never been so easy to scroll or click away.

Our lengthiest video in the series lasted all of 2 minutes 12 seconds, with snappier 30 second exerts for social sharing.

If your property video is turning into a feature-length film, chances are you won’t retain many viewers. Stick to juicy parts that’ll keep us engaged.

So get creative, get emotional, get real (estate). Get prospective buyers feeling like “Where do I sign??”


Get professional property video marketing.