Wealth Report 2022 Trailer

Knight Frank

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For our latest work with Knight Frank, we were tasked with helping to communicate the key messages and findings from their annual Wealth Report.

Prior to COVID, this was generally launched globally in a live conference setting. However, being unable to bring people together in 2021 post-COVID due to travel restrictions, we worked with Knight Frank to create both a film and trailer to deliver their findings, in support of the launch of the printed report itself.

The huge success of our delivery in 2021 meant that Knight Frank sought to replicate and build on the same format this year.

We worked with Knight Frank’s Wealth Report team to fully understand their key findings and messages for 2022.

These messages included how global wealth accumulation has changed in the past year, as well as projections into how this will be reallocated in the coming years. This detail inspired our creative direction, and informed our approach.

Our mission was to design an impactful and engaging way to communicate these findings, in a cinematic style. Content included originally shot interviews with the leading voices at Knight Frank, as well as carefully selected b roll to help us illustrate the key points. Sound engineering also played a vital role.

We delivered to Knight Frank a long form, informative film, along with an impactful trailer used to encourage sign up to the official launch and the broadcast of the report.

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