Olivia Neill: Spotify Podcast


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  • Film

Vlogger Olivia Neill was launching a new format, a podcast on Spotify. Known for her gift of the gab, we wanted to highlight that this show was a raw, unfiltered insight into Olivia’s world.

Working collaboratively with Olivia Neill and Spotify, we wanted to create artwork that felt in keeping with Olivia’s brand. Olivia was really keen that the final imagery looked like it was shot on film, which is how we came up with the contact sheet aesthetic. It was the perfect solution as not only did it work well with the Gen-Z obsession with all things retro, it allowed us to show multiple sides to Olivia, and really capture that fun, authentic and unfiltered personality. In addition to the packshot, we created a series of videos that brought to life the contact sheet concept and a series of press and imagery on 35mm film and polaroid to enhance the campaign.

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