Knight Frank’s 125th Anniversary

Knight Frank

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Their main challenge (in this, their 125th anniversary year) has been to get the business lines better connected (historically they have been very siloed), ensure that everyone in the business understands their broader offering, reinforce the culture across the group, and get everyone excited about the future, working TOGETHER.

KF had therefore commissioned us to produce their biggest film project to date – an all-encompassing, 45min film that has helped their business in a number of ways.

This is a film that celebrates their anniversary and reminds their entire team of their heritage, their role as a pioneer in their industry and reinforces why what they do really matters. At the same time, we wanted to get their teams excited about the wider opportunities if they work more closely together, and to get everyone pumped about the future. This film (shared to great acclaim amongst their 7000+ employees worldwide) included us filming over 50 interviews across 5 continents, from young new starters all the way to the company’s past and present CEOs. We shot in studios with extensive multi-camera sets, but also in many relevant landmark buildings across the globe with our local camera crews. A huge logistical endeavor, which we completed within the course of only 2 months. As part of this film we also created various case studies which demonstrated the benefits of cohesion and collaboration within their business.

While we are unable to share the internal film with you, see here for some BTS footage taken along the way.

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