‘Please Switch Off Your Phone’ – Google Pixel 8 | Odeon Cinemas 2023

Digital Cinema Media

  • Film

How many of us wish we could filter out some of those unwelcome and intrusive noises in the background that force their way into our day?

The new Google Pixel 8 might not have an audio eraser which works for every other aspect of our lives, but it’s certainly an enviable tool that we wish we could use day-to-day, especially in the cinema!

It’s a privilege to be a part of the latest generation of ads that incorporate playful product placement, into timely reminders that your phone should definitely, now be switched off for the film.

Thank you to Digital Cinema Media (DCM), Odeon Cinemas and Google Pixel for choosing us to collaborate on this fantastic project and thank you to our amazing team for all their hard work.

Creative Director – Patrick Gather
Account Director – Toby Eva
Producer – Penny Harrison
Sound Design & Mixing – 750_mph studios
Motion Graphics – Jake Whiteman

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