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Clean & Clear, in partnership with LGBTQIA+ homeless charity, Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), want to change the perception Gen Z has of Clean & Clear, positioning the brand as a relevant, inclusive skincare solution, as well as being simple & effective. Helping to take care of their skin, no matter their race, gender identity or sexuality, so they can get out there and take on the world. Working with the team at Ogilvy UK, this campaign championed that being a #RealSkinAlly is about empowering yourself and others to feel confident in your skin so you can feel confident enough to be your best, most authentic and expressive self.

The brand’s audience is looking for a brand that supports their sensitive skin, but also one that reflects their values.” We want to champion ‘REAL’. Real skin, real lives, real stories.

With that statement in mind, for Clean & Clear’s ‘Real Skin Allies’ campaign shoot, alongside the team from Ogilvy, we devised an upbeat, sun concept that authentically communicates this message via interviews with young people from the LGBTQIA+ community. We cast Drag Race’s charismatic drag queen Tayce to conduct the interviews, which were split into two main sections: Part one was set in front of a gradient studio backdrop that lend itself perfectly for intros and general talking points. This felt fun, glossy, and cool! But we realised that for more personal topics an equally more personal location would be required. The backstage makeup area ticked that box for us. Here, a hand held camera conveyed a more relaxed atmosphere, in which the young people were able to share more details about the unique challenges they faced on their road to self discovery and acceptance.

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