It’s Time | Caffè Nero Christmas 2023

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‘One More Sleep’ | ‘It’s Time’ is our first collaboration with Caffè Nero for their 2023 Christmas Campaign. The core driving force behind the project was to capture the build-up and excitement we all feel in anticipation before waking up on Christmas morning, with a twist that catapulted Caffè Nero’s seasonal menu into the spotlight!

The only way to capture the magic behind the buildup to Christmas was to recreate it in a way the audience would believe. We open with the use of soft, emotive lighting, to create an inviting, cosy and desirable atmosphere – one that we all can recognise as forming an essential part of the Christmas experience in the run-up to Christmas day.

Of course, the entire project becomes grounded on the humour from the delivery of the line which echoes the audience’s own thought process – “It’s October?!” groans the bewildered boyfriend. The performance of the actors is what sells the rest of the advert from this point on. We’re caught between a childlike, idyllic excitement from our Nero Hero, as she eagerly awaits the start of her favourite festive period, and the relatability of her partner dealing with her enthusiasm and excitement for a panettone latte.

Nothing can compare to the thrill of being a child on Christmas morning, often up before the parents, tip-toeing around the house and eagerly waiting for the moment to come when they can attack a pile of presents with their name on. Our Nero Hero is no different, and really, this entire project reaffirmed for us that there is so much we can all feel excited about in the run-up to Christmas, and this always includes our favourite seasonal menu items.

Whether it’s Turkey on Christmas day, Pigs in Blankets or Eggnog, the Christmas period is fantastic for seasonal delights and delicacies, and this campaign from Caffè Nero is a charming, witty and timely reminder, that it will soon be time to enjoy whatever you’re most excited about for the holidays.


Director – Patrick Gather
Creative Director – Matt Waller
Creative & Account Director – Gigi Riddle
DOP – Havir Gill
Producer – O’Shaya Dawkins
Producer – Chris Hill
Editor – Joseph Boyle
1st AC – Adam Davis
Gaffer – Kristoff
Spark – Jack Curtis
2nd Spark – Ben Holt
Art Director – Abigail Richardson
HMUA – Nicole Fairfield

Lisa Ronagahen (Nero Hero)
Tom Briggs (The Boyfriend)
Freddie Trenholme (Nero Worker)
Eddie Hill (the Dachshund)



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