The Re-Awakening


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BRM was a household name in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s but since then little has been done to keep the brand alive.
The objective of this project is to tell the BRM story, re-engage with fans and educate a new and younger audience.

Using the extensive BRM archive, Wonderhatch were able to reference the success and glory of the past
but focus on what the brand is doing today and how the achievements of the past are still relevant today.
Using a series of contemporary and engaging film styles the content is gaining traction on social channels across the world.

This is an on-going campaign that is focused around the major events at Goodwood in 2021.
The culmination of these short films will be a ‘stinger’ film which should gain extensive publicity.

Due to the success of the short films, there is also scope for two much larger projects including ‘The making of the V16’ and a docuseries on BRM.

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