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Best Drones for Filmmaking in 2019

  • wonderhatch
  • Sep 06, 2019

The Best Drones for Filmmaking and Photography in 2019 

Being a pilot has always been a great conversation starter.

But it’s only recently that the novelty of commanding your very own drone-ship has worn off, somewhat.

Because the future of aerial photography is now, quite literally, in everyone’s hands.

The last few years have seen an almighty boom in the drone photography market, making them more accessible now than ever before.

But one size does not fit all.

With dozens to choose from, we’ve flown into some unexpected turbulence: a grey area of which to use and for what purpose.

Whether you’re an amateur, professional or just after a shiny new toy, the best drone for you is out there. It’s just about finding the right one with which you can fly.

Ready for take-off? Here’s our top pick of…

Best Drones for Filmmaking in 2019

Ready to take your aerial footage sky-high? The best drones you can buy today:

#1 DJI Mavic 2 Pro

The No Brainer.

Price: £1,349

#2 DJI Inspire 2

The Wet Dream.

Price: £3,059

#3 DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The Big Guns.

Price: £5,199

#4 Yuneec Typhoon H Plus

The Middle Man.

Price: €1,699

#5 Parrot Anafi

The Copy Cat.

Price: £629

Think your drone does it better?

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