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  • Issue no. 1

Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of TAH – Wonderhatch’s very own travel & hospitality magazine, made for the marketers!

It seems a pertinent time to launch such a thing. Clearly it’s a massive time for the industry and with all the unexpected variables shaping the landscape, it can feel like the ecosystem is a series of big, unanswered questions. To that end, we hope TAH will help provide some answers. Communication is so key to determining the future look of the industry, that we wanted to create a resource to share our learnings and findings with the marketers, owners, chefs, hoteliers and GMs of the world. We set out to produce a compelling read that is a mixture of good learnings, interesting facts, and some fun stuff too – and we hope we’ve achieved that.

We’re aiming for just three publications a year initially, with a dozen articles in each. Whether you’re looking to the future, wanting to take away some key stats or just fancy a bit of gossip, we’re aiming to please!

Here’s what you can expect in every issue:

Behind The Scenes – A production-led insight into all the work that goes on behind the scenes to makes content work.

Calendar Critical – The top travel and hospitality dates to add to your calendar.

Come Fly With Me – We’ve scoured the globe for an up-and-coming country to put on your travel radar.

Have you Heard? – Upcoming launches, inside tracks, and industry gossip, all in one place.

Show Me The Numbers – Key statistics and figures that break the travel and hospitality industry down to a science.

TAH Pick – A conversation with one of the Wonderhatch team about a piece of travel and hospitality content that stood out to them, and what we can learn from it.

The Deep Read – A longer discussion about a pertinent topic in the travel and hospitality industry.

Then and Now – How the travel and hospitality industry advertising has changed.

We hope that you will enjoy the articles and feel that it was time worth spending. That would be a success for us!

By focusing on comms and content, we’d love to build a strong relationship where you will choose to interact. Please give your opinion, add to the discussion and educate us with your experiences and learnings too. In so doing, we hope to spark debate and so make it a two-way conversation that is compelling for readers in the UK and abroad.

We’re in the process of inviting guest writers, so if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, please let me know at will@wonderhatch.co.uk.

As we publish on World Tourism day in September 2021, we still don’t know what the world will look like post-pandemic. Our sector is still struggling hugely – with lack of flights, lack of staff and lack of vaccines and of course plenty of countries still in the midst of crisis.

On the brighter side, some areas are bouncing back quite nicely – the customer is spending more in our restaurants and I think they’re more understanding of hotel and restaurant needs, such as a 2hr window for their meal. The industry is going to need to accept new norms and indeed get ahead of them, as we are seeing it already do so. Meanwhile governments have to do the right thing and keep our industry alive – then, on the other side, marketers can look forward to communicating their successes, their adapting ways and of course why people should now come and visit. Times are a-changing, hopefully for the better…

Thanks very much for reading and for your time.

All the best,

Will Walsh
CEO, Wonderhatch

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  1. Ulf Bremer says:

    Congratulations and wishing you a very successful and creative year ahead!

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