Welcome to Issue 3 of TAH!

  • Issue no. 3

Hi and welcome to 3rd edition of our Travel and Hospitality magazine.

Made for marketers! And our theme this time round is experiences.

I think it’s pretty well known already that our travelling, hotel staying and restaurant going customers are fairly unanimous in their desires for 2022, as are we ourselves – after too long not getting out there and experiencing life to the fullest, they want… an Experience. And the more exciting, more fulfilling, more instagrammable our experiences are, the better. Quite frankly.

So please enjoy the following articles and let us know if they’re of any help to your day to day work. Because that’s what we’re aiming for and hoping to be; a little assistance to your efforts over the coming months.

It’s great to see travel companies advertising again and our restaurants full. It’s gutting to read about airplanes cancelled due to staff shortages, or other issues?

We’re still wounded and disorientated, as are many of our customers; anxiety levels are higher for sure, see Alice and Ross’ article here. Meanwhile we have a simple but wonderful job – a duty to inform, to educate and to ensure those, who want to listen, hear us.

Good luck and enjoy!

Will Walsh
CEO at Wonderhatch

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