Welcome to Issue 2 of TAH!

  • Issue no. 2

Hi and a very warm welcome to our 2nd edition of TaH!

Launching something new is always exhilarating but also a bit scary and full of unknowns. And so when we sent out that first copy of TaH in the autumn last year, we were understandably nervous for your reaction.

We’ve been genuinely chuffed with the results. Better than hoped uptake on readership; nice side benefits like getting our Gigi along to ILTM in Cannes in December to report on Luxury Travel’s key convention; some lovely offers and messages of encouragement from unexpected quarters and generally a feeling of goodwill to what we’re trying to do. So, thank you!

What are we trying to do? To share, to educate, but just as importantly to inspire and to assist our fellow content marketers in the Travel and Hospitality industries, by focusing on exactly that – on content marketing.

As life begins to glow a bit brighter, the measures lift and the world starts to prepare to live with Covid-19, I think it’s fair to say that people in UK and elsewhere are dreaming once again of being treated. Treated to a holiday or some other special experience. Or simply to travel to see family and friends. We say bring it on. It’s great to hear the travel companies advertising again – we’re excited to be working with old clients again and of course new ones.

Along these thoughts, we decided to look at ‘launches’ as a vague theme for this edition – whether you’re looking to launch in 2022, helping to market a re-brand, or just after some industry creativity, there’s something here for you.

Please enjoy!

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