London Cocktail Week

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What Is London Cocktail Week?

A staple in our beloved city’s calendar since 2010, London Cocktail Week is easily the best chance a cocktail lover has to indulge themselves in tasting some of the finest creations, conjured up by the world’s best mixologists.

The lowdown is as follows; the London Cocktail Week has been extended once again after celebrating its tenth-anniversary last year, to an entire month of mixology madness. The reason why this is a big deal? If you buy one of the official London Cocktail Week wristbands you’ll be able to enjoy £7 cocktails at all participating venues for that entire month.

What’s that? £7 cocktails in the city of London for an entire month?! Yes, good people of the world, we kid you not, the London Cocktail Festival or, London Cocktail Month as it’s being touted again this year, is going to be an incredibly enticing prospect for your social calendar through October!

How To Attend London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week is running for the whole of October once again this year, from the 1st of the month until the 31st. There are hundreds of bars partnered with the event all across the city of London. Highstreet bars, five-star hotel establishments, pop-up bars, you name a bar anywhere in London, and there is a good chance they’re taking part!

You can find a very handy search tool on the official website for London Cocktail Week to find the closest bars to you in your area. There are a lot of very handy filters (the search kind that is!) to use as well to help you find the very best bar for you to enjoy London Cocktail Week.

From finding places to sit with your pet alongside you, to the closest London Underground stations so you can hop on and off the tube at any given moment and find a watering hole that’s just as enthusiastic about cocktail making as you are drinking them!

See the website and search tool at

The London Cocktail Week Is More Than Just A Bar Crawl

Granted, you can spend the entire month of October simply roaming from place to place with your wristbands to make the most of London Cocktail Week but, if we’re being honest, you’ll stand to miss out on a fair few cool things that will be happening all over London.

There will be pop-up events happening in quite a few surprising locations. Food and drinks pairing evenings will send attendees pallets into overdrive. Cocktail making masterclasses from some of the worlds most talented and decorated bartenders will be happening by the dozen.

In short, there is going to be an awful lot to keep track of and if you’re like us and not wanting to miss out on what is surely going to be, a most unforgettable trip to the proudly dubbed “World’s Most Rubbish Bar”, then you might want to browse the event listings and plan out in advance which events you’re thinking of attending.

It is also worth noting that many of these events will be ticket only attendance, but you can find out all the information you need by visiting for all details concerning location and admission to any of the events happening during London Cocktail Week.

Keep Checking In for Any Announcements or Exciting Updates

There will be a lot, going on during London Cocktail Week (it is happening for a whole month after all), and struggle as some of us might, we probably won’t all be able to attend every fun-filled event in the calendar. Well not if we all want to remain employed and avoid too many office hangovers that is!

There most likely will be changes to some events throughout the month and we could well see a few surprise additions to the calendar before this bonafide festival of fusing flavours runs its course.

Furthermore, we know the dreaded C-word that everyone doesn’t want to hear could still be a factor, so it’s important to remain alert and pay attention to any major updates concerning an event you’ve been to or, were planning on attending.

Covid aside, you can keep up with all the news and updates to the London Cocktail Week here and by following them on their related social media pages for instant updates!

See you there!

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