Illuminating the Seat Belt Signs: Successful Examples of Flight Safety Videos

  • Issue no. 2

As we’re looking forward to borders re-opening, everyone has cabin crew fever and is excited to be back on a plane. As keen marketeers and creatives here at Wonderhatch, we’re all about championing ingenuity and clever campaigns that add some extra to the customer journey. In this article, we’re looking at five companies who have turned the informative into the inventive through their take on the flight safety video.

The brief isn’t easy – most passengers switch off when the flight safety video comes on. Either they think they know what to do, or they’d prefer to remain blissfully unaware. Undeniably a challenge, we’re championing companies who have used creativity as a solution to develop fun flight safety ads that keep you hooked.

No. 1
Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand have one of the most famous examples of a watchable flight safety video. The numbers speak for themselves; the clip has been watched over 22 million times by people with their feet on the ground. The video uses special effects and a perfect casting to recreate the fantasty of any LOTR fab, bringing Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson on board (literally) to demonstrate flight safety.

No. 2
British Airways

British Airways harness the power of the stars for this comedic flight safety video that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Iconic celebrities including Sir Michael Caine, Olivia Colman and Joanna Lumley have come together for this quintessentially British affair that uses comic relief to lighten the mood.

No. 3
Air France

Air France’s video is dreamy and romantic, channelling the France we think of for honeymoons and weekend getaways. Featuring the best experiences and landscapes the country has to offer, Air France brilliantly distracts you from fear or boredom. The video also uses some clever ‘industry tips’ to keep the viewer engaged – notice how the camera is always moving, a classic way to keep you watching.

No. 4
Air Canada

The only film without a protagonist, Air Canada have used their stunning landscapes and scenery to create a focus on the visuals. By showcasing different parts of Canada in a fast-moving piece, it’s almost impossible to look away.

No. 5
American Airlines

Filmed in studio using the ‘one take’ look and feel, this video uses camera tricks, mirrors, and distorted scale to mean that you’re never quite sure what you’re looking at. The movement and quirky set never let your brain settle or drift off, keeping you engaged throughout. 

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