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The Coolest Automotive Video Marketing Campaigns. Like, ever.

  • wonderhatch
  • Sep 12, 2019

It takes passion, innovation and one hell of a budget to manufacture a new car. The same could be said for killer automotive video marketing.

While some automotive video advertisements may prove to be the bane of your existence, others are so expertly put together you’ll be hard-pressed to forget them.

Here at Wonderhatch, we’re obsessed with advertising that both speaks and blows our minds, simultaneously. So, we’ve put together some of the best automotive video productions of all time – the fast, the furious and the car-curious.

Citroen – “Alive With Technology”

Maybe I’m biased because I love shaking my thang, but every time someone says “automotive video” this one comes to mind. And there’s good reason for that.

It does a great job of bringing the campaign message (and the vehicle itself) to life in an entertaining and visually impressive, yet simple way. I’ll also bet that you’ll struggle to find someone who doesn’t think of a killer disco robot car when they hear this groovy tune.

Audi – “Clown Proof”

This automotive video is the kind of production that will leave you feeling inspired, thoughtful, and kind of sorry for clowns.

The message is simple yet artistically executed with another great track carrying the narrative to its thread’s end.

Honda – “The Cog”

It only took 3 days, 60 takes and £100,000 to produce what is now one of the century’s most creative automotive video marketing campaigns.

Everything about this ad – its precision, its cleverness – points to the identity of the car.

Articles have been written, awards have been won. All because nothing makes for a more satisfying watch quite like a chain reaction.

Volkswagen – “The force”

Because Star Wars. Also because humour and the story evolves without a single word being spoken.

But mostly because Star Wars.

Audi – “Escape”

wise woman once said “He who laughs, lasts.” – which is probably why I find this automotive film production so memorable. But it’s not just humour. It’s action. It’s suspense. It’s epic. It’s the perfect escape.

Dunlop – “Tested for the Unexpected”

Have I just dropped some serious hallucinogens?

No, dear. You’ve just watched Dunlop’s “Tested for the Unexpected” car commercial production. But the effects are equally as “Unexpected”.

While it’s a little dated due to today’s high-tech, I think we can agree it’s still pretty awesome. Directed by the one and only Tony Kaye we venture through the weird and wonderful almost as if we are the vehicle itself. Throw in some wicked art direction and broody beats and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Pennzoil – “The Last Viper”

Moving onto sportier models, Pennzoil pushed every ounce of the Dodge Viper ACR’s 645 horsepower in this automotive film production. The storytelling, unspoken narrative and insane camera work honestly makes it a performance for the ages.

Ferrari Shell – “Made to Move”

Another speedy number that moves us through time, space, and physically on our own axis.

I love how the camera is affected by the vehicle’s velocity. The reaction of innocent passers-by (dogs and all) adds some light, humorous breaks to what could be mistaken for an “Okay, it’s fast. I get it.” car video production.

Range Rover Sport – “Dragon challenge”

Kids, do not try this at home. Or at Heaven’s Gate on Tianmen Mountain, China, for that matter.

Everything is telling him “No”. The locals and the professionals. The 99 hair-raising turns and the 999 ferocious steps standing at a 45°angle. The encroaching mist from the top of the mountain. The steadied sigh and look in his eyes.

If Range Rover Sport hasn’t demonstrated how to create serious suspense in an automotive video advert, I’m not sure who can. It helps that the challenge and impending fear of death is legit, I guess.

Jaguar – “Series Elite”

I wouldn’t be doing my job right if I didn’t include one of our very own car video productions. But c’mon! How could I not?

If you’re looking for a car commercial production company to get behind the wheel and floor it to the advertisement of your dreams, get in touch!

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