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Social Media Video Production for Law Firms

  • wonderhatch
  • Sep 26, 2019

Laying down the law: here’s how to create video marketing content for social media at your law firm.

When it comes to increasing brand awareness, it’s ALL about social media. No one can resist its inescapable pull. And if you can, then hats off to ya!

But for us less able folk, our feeds are inundated with ad upon ad, so you need to make something that’s going to stand out from the virtual crowd.

This is particularly true for law firms, where the competition for clients is notably stiffer, so you’re going to need to build an effective online presence. And to do that, you need an effective social media strategy.

First thing’s first: choose your social media platform.

An effective social media strategy should tackle several platforms, of which there are many:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

To name a few…

Unfortunately, there’s no one way to creating a successful social media strategy. You may find you do better on one than another, whilst for other law firms it’s the other way around. It really is a process of trial and error.

But to help with that process, choose two to start with. Focus on making your presence on two platforms super strong and slick, instead of spreading yourself too thin, and then measure the results for yourself.

If you find that you’re nailing Instagram but flopping on Facebook, ditch it and give another one a whirl. If you’re fab at both, try adding another one to the mix.

Now that you’ve chosen your platforms, it’s time to have a crack at content. What is going to barge past your competitors and win you clients and prospects at your law firm?

You got it!

Video Marketing Content for Social Media

In today’s over-stimulated society, people engage more with visuals than with the written word. And before I lose sight of why I’m writing this article instead of vlogging it, I’ll tell you why:

Meet Diane. She’s on the train home from work. It’s late, the carriage is packed, and her brain is fried. She’s scrolling somewhat mindlessly through her Facebook feed. She scrolls right past your article on copyright, having neither the will nor the way to digest any legal jargon. Not today.

Suddenly, she comes across a social media video production from one of your competitors. It plays automatically and she wavers. It’s got lights, it’s got action. It’s got dialogue – she’d better put the sound on. Then… colours! Bold fonts! Edgy music! She’s enjoyed the light relief from her stressful day. What’s more, she’s redirected to their website and is perusing their copyright services.

Bye, Diane!

Video advertising on social media helps retain your audience’s attention and allows the content creator to inject some personality, giving your law firm a voice and adding interest.

Wanna get Diane back? Your best bet is to get in touch with a social media video production company, who can get under the skin of your law firm, flesh out its personality traits, and bring it to life.

From concept to execution, a video advertising company will create the right video marketing content for your company, providing you with a series of edits for different purposes and social media platforms.

So, let’s look at the key ingredients to creating killer video marketing campaigns for your law firm:

Practical Advice for Video Advertising on YouTube

  1. Make Great Content

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google, providing us with an excellent opportunity to generate business using video marketing content.

Most people would much rather and more easily learn by watching a video than reading an article.

I’m not talking about a “Have you been in an accident that wasn’t your fault?” video, because no I haven’t and stop calling me! I’m talking about great video marketing content that provides the viewer with something valuable and demonstrates your abilities.

You want to generate engaging, bitesize videos that dumb down difficult legal concepts for the general public. Think about the questions your ideal client needs answering and then answer them in your video marketing.

  1.  Consistent

Creating a successful YouTube strategy for your law firm depends a lot on consistency. Inconsistency in your production schedule – whether it’s once a month, week or day – can seriously affect your subscriber count. So, make a schedule and stick to it.

For efficiency, peace of mind and top-notch video advertisements, plan and produce a “season” of videos that you can roll out according to your schedule.

Remember that quality over quantity applies here. You’re better off with fewer, pristine videos than hundreds of shoddier versions which will reflect badly on your law firm. A social media video production company can help you with that.

  1. Optimise Video Length

 YouTube favours long-form, high-quality content. Check out the length of your competitors’ video advertisements and make yours longer, even just by 1 minute. You’ll rank higher.

  1. Create a Great Thumbnail

Studies have shown that the thumbnail image is more important than the title, in terms of attracting viewers. Make sure you use professional photography, rather than just a random still from the video. Customise it with titles and graphics to make it as compelling as possible for wandering eyes.

Instagram Video Marketing for Lawyers

Depending on your area of law, Instagram video marketing provides a highly creative way of targeting prospective clients. For example, you could try targeting certain life events that would require your services, such as getting married or moving house.

Video advertising on Instagram can also add a human touch, helping to paint a picture of your #DreamTeam and firm as a whole, and strengthening your overall reputation.

  1. Plan Ahead

 As with YouTube, a successful Instagram strategy means planning and consistency. Create and implement a social media content plan, so you can prepare and fire out images and videos as and when the time comes.

A good plan won’t interfere too much with your day job. Make use of a social media video production company to execute all professional images and videos in one fell swoop, rather than scurrying around for ideas on the day thinking, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

  1. Make it Instagram Worthy

Remember, Instagram is a visual platform. The overall look and feel of your page needs to be attractive to the human eye, as well as the images and videos themselves.

Focus on capturing the human elements of your practice, as well as valuable propositions you provide – the behind the scenes, the team, and any positive traits that add personality to your firm. Celebrate individual staff successes, any schemes you might offer, and company perks. Present a law firm that people want to work for, as well as with.

Heighten Your Online Presence with Video Advertising on Social Media

Other platforms you can use to share your law firm’s video marketing content are Facebook and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn offers a greater potential for B2B legal services than any other platform and since 2017, it has been developing itself as a video platform. As such, LinkedIn provides you with a great opportunity to position your law firm as a “Thought Leader” in your field.  So, now’s a better time than ever to create powerful, thought leadership video content to showcase your knowledge and abilities.

Whether you’re a social media sceptic or its biggest fan, it is an integral part of building a successful online presence and promoting your brand, services, and values.

But there’s a lot of competition, especially for law firms.

Using video marketing on social media is the steadfast way of cutting through the virtual white noise and getting your voice heard.

Unsure how to tackle social media video production? We’re here to help.