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Celebrity Endorsements; Make Your Advertising Reach for the Stars

  • wonderhatch
  • Aug 16, 2019

With the digital age in full bloom, celebrity branding is taking advertisement effectiveness to unknown heights. And it can take your product there, too. Here’s how using celebrity endorsements in advertising can skyrocket sales and make your brand go down in history.

You’re birthday present shopping for your bae.

You find yourself in John Lewis, having already generously contributed to the footfall of every other shop on Oxford Street.

You’re on the verge of admitting defeat. Your knees are weak, palms are sweaty. One more second in this hectic hellhole and you risk death by stampede.

“Methinks me breathes me last, me fears!” You gasp, clinging to cosmetic counters for dear life.

And then you see him. The sparkling eyes of the devilishly dapper Johnny Depp glistening in your direction.

Doth mine eyes deceive me?

Don’t be ridiculous. You’re delusional from dehydration.

“Sauvage pour Homme?”

You make two realisations in this moment: 1) You’ve been eyeing up a cardboard cut-out for a little over two minutes. And 2) You’ve just nailed your boyfriend’s birthday present.

Because if he can’t look like Johnny Depp, he can at least smell like him.

Celebrity Endorsement Effectiveness

The effectiveness of celebrity endorsements in advertising isn’t new news. It’s just good logic.

People idolise celebrities. They’re basically demi-gods without any supernatural powers, but we worship them just the same.

The rise of social media has seen such adoration turn to, quite frankly, frightful obsession.

People go bloomin’ bananas over music legend, Elton John, taking part in a rap battle before chomping down on a Snickers. Or Anna Kendrick lounging around at the Hilton.

And the effects are threefold:

  1. Cognitive

It’s safe to say that Johnny Depp’s Sauvage performance got my attention and interest. And I’d be lying if I said I haven’t recalled it many times over (sorry bae).

  1. Affective

Ask anyone what they think of George Clooney and their response will be something like: “Yeah, he’s pretty prestigious / suave / super smooth.” So when we see him seductively sipping a Nespresso, we naturally associate the same feelings towards the product.

  1. Conative

Celebrity marketing makes us average Joes want the product. It increases our desire for it and subsequent effort taken to obtain it.  Puma sales spiked after signing Rihanna for a sneakers campaign. The celebrity tries, we buy.

Celebrity Endorsement Advantages

Celebrity Endorsement Cost

Let’s be honest: if you want to use a celebrity to endorse your brand or product, you’re going to have to splash some cash.

But as a result, your ROI won’t know what’s hit it. You’ll make it back and so much more.


Word of Warning.

So you’re being a good sport and taking my advice. Nice one!

But with so many big shots out there, which one to choose?

Well, choose wisely, because this part is monumental to the success of your celebrity marketing campaign. The credibility and pervasiveness of a celebrity endorsement depends on the celebrity’s:

  • Likability
  • Status
  • Expertise
  • Self-presentation

But first and foremost, on their relatability to your product

Match your brand’s values with those of the celebrity? You’re in business.

Have Mary Berry recline on your Audi A7? Honestly, man! Have ye no shame?

So don’t just get Harry Styles onboard because you’re a crazed 1D fan. He may have a nice face, but he may not be the right face for your new whey protein powder range, and you run the risk of alienating your audience**

**Not me, though. #1D4Life 🙌

Nay, choose a face that your target market can connect with emotionally. One that they aspire to be, and can be if they buy your product 😉.


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