Best Feel-Good Movies to Boost your Mood During Self-Isolation


Ultimate feel-good movies to boost morale during the horrors of 2020


Climate change. Poverty. Gender equality. Health. Human rights. International laws and justice. Plastic pollution. Refugees. Violence. And last, but not least, a global pandemic. Needless to say, there’s a lot going down. Enough to dampen anyone’s spirits. 


While it’s important to keep all the above in mind and do our bit to make positive changes, we also need to strike a balance. Change comes gradually and no single person can change the course of history. Needless to say, if we attempt to this single-handedly, we’re going to make ourselves pretty miserable.


Our mental health and sense of fulfilment requires equal consideration and there are many ways in which we can help ourselves during tough times. But, again, dedicating too much of your spare time to gym sessions and evening classes can also do us some harm. Doing too much on top of our 9-5 can heighten stress levels and overwhelm us to the point of ‘burning-out’.


Idleness isn’t a term accepted in this day and age, but self-isolation is drawing awareness to the importance of relaxation (which is a much better word for it) and it’s something we should we be making the most of, during lockdown and beyond. Unless you’re watching a jumpy-horror, kicking-back in front of the telly is a great way to take a moment away from the madness and immerse yourself in some light-hearted entertainment. 


In the spirit of keeping spirits high at times like these, here are some of the best uplifting movies to get you through the day.


Positive Movies to Watch During Self-Isolation 

Now’s a better time than any to indulge in some positive movies that’ll remind you of the beauty of the world and our relationships amongst all this chaos. They tend to focus on achieving aspirations, self-acceptance, fostering relationships, and personal growth – all things we have plenty of time contemplate at the moment. 


Captain Fantastic 


Billie Elliot 






The Pursuit of Happiness 


Funny Movies to Watch During Self-Isolation

When we’re feeling stressed and anxious, there’s nothing quite like a good laugh to lift our spirits. It’s scientifically proven that smiling alters the chemicals in our brains and makes us happy. Here are a few funny movies to watch during self-isolation to make you smile. 


Monty Python and the Holy Grail 


Little miss sunshine




Crazy Stupid Love


The Producers

I’m personally a fan of the original 1976 version, but there’s a recent adaptation if you’d prefer.




The Pink Panther


Grand Budapest hotel


Long shot




Always be my maybe 


Truman show 


Musical Movies to Watch During Self-Isolation

They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but wouldn’t life be more bearable if we all randomly burst into song and somehow all knew the dance choreography and flash-mobbed it through the streets? Singing is incredibly cathartic, whether you can sing or not, and a great way to release endorphins. Here are some musical movies to sing  along to during self-isolation?


The Greatest Showman


Pitch Perfect


Sunshine On Leith


Moulin Rouge!

(Fave film of all time. Just putting it out there.)






Sound of Music


Mary Poppins


Mamma Mia 


Animation Movies to Watch During Self-Isolation

The great thing about animation movies is that they’re a great way to keep the little rascals from running riot, but clever enough to throw a few innuendos in there for us oldies that kids sure won’t even notice. They’re also hilarious. It’s fun for the whole family. 

What I love about more recent animations is that they’re increasingly straying from fairytale “Knight in shining armour saves the helpless princess.” And moving towards “Woman don’t need no man.” *hair flick*








Big Hero 6





Monsters Inc. 


How to Train Your Dragon


The Angry Birds


So there you have it. Some of the best feel-good movies to boost your mood and watch during self-isolation, brought to you by Wonderhatch.

Catherine Centofanti
Content Marketing Manager

10th Apr 2020