Best disaster, apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic movies to watch during self-isolation

The very best disaster, apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic movies to watch during self-isolation to keep you entertained and get you thinking.


Wake up at 8am. Home workout at 9 am. Netflix until 10pm. Repeat until further notice. 

I don’t need to explain how things are getting a tad repetitive. There are those of us who can’t work and those of us who work from home. Those of us who can get outside once a day and those who cannot go out at all. Either way, the tick of the clock has never seemed to tock so slowly and we find ourselves having all that time we’d previously wished for. But now what to do with it?

We can’t go shopping, sign up for that improv acting course, or hang out with our friends, so we have to seek other ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained.

An obvious method is hitting the screen (not literally), but turns out even the series we’ve been meaning to binge-watch can get monotonous.

But there are plenty of self-isolation movies we can fill our time with, it’s just about finding the best and most relevant ones to us.

It ultimately comes down to your genre preference, but if you love horror and catastrophe films as much as I do, but also tend to let your mind wander about how crises come to be and where they could very well be heading, you’ll most likely enjoy disaster, apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic movies.

They’re action-packed, fantastical, highly entertaining watches about global catastrophes that threaten to eliminate mankind – some improbable, some maybe not… If the idea of this dampens your spirit I suggest waiting for next week’s post about Best Feel-Good Movies to Boost your Mood During Self-Isolation, but what I like about these films is that, despite their extreme and sometimes unrealistic events, they look at some pretty relevant issues we are currently facing, encouraging us to consider what positive changes we can make for our planet and the greater good. 

So here they are: the best disaster, apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic movies to watch during self-isolation: 


  1. Apocalyptic movies to watch during self-isolation

Global warming, climate change, and all our fears about what all this could lead to are covered in the following:



The Day After Tomorrow


The Road


Children of Men


The Book of Eli


This is the End


The Core






The Colony 


Zombie apocalyptic and disease movies to watch during self-isolation

Viruses that spread and cause global pandemics. Sound familiar?


28 Days Later


World War Z


I am Legend




28 Weeks Later




Dawn of the Dead




The Happening




Shaun of the Dead


Cabin Fever


Bird Box 


Alien invasion, monsters, and outta space films to watch during self-isolation

Independence Day


War of the Worlds


Deep Impact






I could go on, but I think there’s enough there to get started with and I’m keen to crack on!


So there you have it: some of the very best disaster, apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic movies to watch during self-isolation that’ll keep you entertained and get you thinking, brought to you by Wonderhatch.




Catherine Centofanti
Content Marketing Manager

3rd Apr 2020