Best Drones for Filmmaking in 2019

The Best Drones for Filmmaking and Photography in 2019  Being a pilot has always been a great conversation starter. But it’s only recently that the novelty of commanding your very own drone-ship has worn off, somewhat.   Because the future of aerial photography is now, quite literally, in everyone’s hands.   The last few years […]

Celebrity Endorsements; Make Your Advertising Reach for the Stars

With the digital age in full bloom, celebrity branding is taking advertisement effectiveness to unknown heights. And it can take your product there, too. Here’s how using celebrity endorsements in advertising can skyrocket sales and make your brand go down in history.   You’re birthday present shopping for your bae. You find yourself in John Lewis, […]

A Woman’s Football Revolution

A global revolution in women’s sport is taking place and we at Wonderhatch – and in particular in our Sports and Rightsholders division – are privileged to have a front row seat. Our exclusive partnership with The Football Association has coincided with the games’ governing body taking a fresh approach to women’s football. The Football […]

Experience is Everything

/ The importance of brand experience and it’s place in the future of Advertising.   As advertising and content continues to evolve to the changing demands and expectations of the modern consumer, brand experience is revealing itself to be one of the most powerful and important marketing techniques to capture attention and ensure customer loyalty. […]

Wonderhatch: What are we?

  What is Wonderhatch and what does our market place look like. This is not meant to be a detailed scientific paper, it’s meant to be a straightforward view of the business as at May 2019. One thing is for sure: it will change. We’ll look at: The background to this question Wonderhatch history The […]

Our Guide to Shooting Film and Photography Abroad

There is always something particularly exciting about shooting film and photography abroad. Working with new people, being in a completely different culture and facing challenges which you wouldn’t expect on a local film or photography project. All of these things making shooting abroad a completely different travel adventure. Wonderhatch has been lucky enough to have […]

How to Get the Best out of Your Event Photographer

It’s been months in the planning. You’ve deliberated over every tiny detail; the team have endured the food and wine tasting, debated about what flowers to have and what table settings not to have… And suddenly it’s the week of the event and you remember that you need a photographer to capture the fruits of your […]

Focus/16 brings the Carnival to London

The Olympics and Paralympics may be over for another four years but the carnival theme seems to be catching fire at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, for the Focus/16 event, which continues until Friday 23rd September. After seeing some of our fantastic GB competitors at the annual BGC Charity Day last week it was brilliant to see the essence of the […]

BGC Charity Day 2016

BGC Partner’s annual Charity Day, now in its 11th year, giving 100% of their global revenues for the day to the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund and many other charities around the world, commemorating those tragically lost in the New York terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001. The event has raised over $125 million globally since […]