Three Waters – Residential Property Photography & Video Content

Together with Lantern Design agency, Wonderhatch took on the task of generating the photography and video for the Three Waters Development,  a residential property development. Located in the heart of east London, it combines the buzz from the city and the peaceful lifestyle of the waterside. Focusing on lifestyle, interiors and architectural photography and film, Wonderhatch had to convey the idea of ‘disruptive luxury’ that this development exudes and encouraging Londoners, who are seeking to buy a home with a different edge, to come and visit.

We started the process by assigning the right creative content team for the project.  With our very own Jonathan Stewart behind the property and lifestyle photography and by joining forces with Film Director Markus Meedt and Director of Photography, Ruaraid Achilleos Sarll.  Our main aim was to showcase the living & lifestyle aspect, while also keeping in mind the demographic of the target audience of this development.

The video begins with morning shots of water and morning colours, highlighting the importance and joy of being next to the river. Intercut with key shots of central London landmarks and business centers we show that this property development is a Zone 1 commute with Zone 2 living. Showcasing all of the perks of this combined lifestyle.  The film then showcases the beauty of the property development itself, its craftsmanship and modern interiors and fittings and ending on night shots of the city. A little taste of what living there might be like. We developed and worked together with a video and film animator, the motion graphics provided by Lantern for the post-production of the film.

The film and photography were delivered to Lantern and alongside them, this was delivered successfully to end clients Mount Anvil and Peabody.