Grey Goose – ‘A Summer Well Lived’ Brand Activation Film & Influencer Event Photography

The international advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather commissioned Wonderhatch to undertake the Grey Goose ‘A Summer Well Lived’ campaign for 2018. Taking place in the French Riviera, alongside the renowned Cannes Film Festival, Grey Goose released their latest bottle series designed by the French Illustrator, Quentin Monge. Designed in the classic blue, white and red colours, it sang true to its setting, brand and origin.

Grey Goose hosted a four-day experience for a carefully selected group of influential bloggers and international brand ambassadors. This included a dining trip to Île Sainte-Marguerite at Le Guerite, a private pool party at Le Majestic and evening cocktails at Nikki Beach.

Wonderhatch supplied a team of photographers and filmmakers to capture the experience from start to finish. Documenting each day with a series of small films and beautiful imagery that was made available to the guests in ‘real time’.

We were able to host the images on our platform, specifically adapted for this Grey Goose project. Each Blogger/Ambassador had their own access code to the site where they could instantly download the content and upload to their own social media channels. This effectively enabled them to release live images straight from the photographer’s camera to their thousands of followers instantly.

In total we produced five film edits for the project. Three social media edits rounding up the activities of each day, a two-minute overview film of the trip in its entirety and a slick sizzle film that summed up the social media impact and the buzz surrounding the event.

This activation at Cannes, saw impressive results with over 1300 pieces of content, 190% more than expected garnering over 36 million impressions through various social media channels as well as over 2 billion press impressions.